A penny for your thoughts

Well, this blog may sound a little hypocritical straight off the bat, but here we go.

I don't think online church is a reflection of the true church. In fact I would go to far as to say, I think online church can actually do more harm than good. As I was reading through my daily devotions this morning, I was reminded that God's people live and grow in a community of believers. The online "community", breeds the consumer mentality. The mentality which suggests we can stay at home and listen to our favourite preacher, sing along with our favourite song writer and basically just do ME- Church. This online (Me) church, allows us to be stagnant in our growth. It allows us to turn off when we are challenged, it allows us to be blind to our own weaknesses. A community of believers grows when vulnerability is shown, when our lives are displayed infant of others- our real lives, not just those snippets on 5 minutes of Facebook or tick tock!

Friends, let me encourage you once again to think about what it means to be a community of God's people.

Pastor Paul.




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